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The Glide Foundation x California College of the Arts  |  Research, Organizational Design, Storytelling  |  Sept. - Dec. 2015

Team: Lauren Argo, Lizzie Garrett, Brett Moody, Shar Shahfari
Advisor: Sharon Green, PhD



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Client - The Glide Foundation

Characterized by its bright orange awnings, Glide has been in the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco since 1931.

Characterized by its bright orange awnings, Glide has been in the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco since 1931.


Our CCA team partnered with Glide to write the next chapter of their narrative.

The Glide Foundation holds a special place in the hearts of many San Franciscans. For over 50 years, it has played a critical role in supporting those in need through a variety of services and programs. From its famous daily free meals program, to housing relocation and harm reduction services, Glide's mission is to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization.


As Glide's donor base began aging, they needed help connecting with a younger generation of philanthropists and volunteers


Naturally, Glide's donor base is aging and the organization has come to a turning point where reaching a younger generation of people will be critical to its future.

This work aims to connect two primary audiences:

1. The Glide Foundation

A foundation and church that has a rich history of social activism. To this day, it is a force that is creating transformational change in the city.

2. San Francisco millennials

Many have moved to San Francisco to seek opportunity, but they are also deeply interested in building a community and creating positive social impact through what they do.




What makes Glide 


To kick off our project, we took a field trip to Glide.

Our early observations - including a trip to Glide's famous Sunday celebration, and a tour of their cafeteria - showed us that people tend to describe Glide based on those two popular services:

A free meals program
We were introduced to the heart of Glide, it's bustling kitchen, where over 2,500 meals are served to those in need every single day

A church
The team attended Glide Memorial Church's famed "Sunday Celebration" to get a taste of its fun and inclusive culture

This preliminary research helped us see what Glide had to offer on the surface, but we knew that we needed to dig deeper to truly understand its story.



We built a research toolkit to help us have deeper conversations with Glide stakeholders. 

We conducted interviews with Glide team members, donors, and volunteers in order to learn how they have been personally impacted by the organization. With their help, we began to paint a rich picture of Glide's potential and what it could be in the coming years.


"What's the Glide story?"
"What is Glide to you?"
"What could Glide be?"

[insert quotes]


Putting it together

We got a better understanding of Glide's ecosystem and story. We created an ecosystem map and journey maps capturing the experiences of Glide donors, team members, program participants, and volunteers.




Who are the millennials?

We talked to people between the ages of 25-35 to understand what they care about


What do millennials find meaning in?

What causes are they passionate about?

What kind of words resonate with them?


We learned that millennials...



Connecting the Dots

As we sifted through the stories and experiences from over 25 interviews, we saw patterns starting to emerge

Finding Insights

Glide can offer millennials exactly what they're looking for, but millennials don't seem to see Glide for what it truly is

How might we help millennials see all that Glide has to offer to them?


How can we draw upon Glide's strengths in a way that reinvigorates its story and share it in a way that resonates with millennials, and with the community at large?

Splash Page Prototype

We took all that we learned about Glide and crafted an evolved story through a splash page that would resonate with millennials and the greater community.

The splash page reframed Glide's story through imagery, causes, and highlighting the people behind Glide.