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Systems Class Diary











MDes Systems

Work from Spring Semester 2016



Weeks 12-15 // Product-Service Ecologies

Imagining the future of diabetes management


Concept Presentation

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Developing the Sense System


App Details


Week 11 // User Conceptual Models

Week 10 // Feedback Systems

Weeks 8-9 // Stocks & Flows

Modeling stocks & flows

Interactive Model Demo

Static Model


Weeks 6-7 // Network Systems: Basic Information Structures

Developing interactive networks


Interactive Network Demos


Weeks 4-5 // Code Systems

Developing a Communication Network


Building a Telegraph Device


Week 3 // Modeling Applications

We took a deep dive into the systems behind applications and learned about the Model-View-Controller software architecture.
I chose to take a closer look at how Adobe Illustrator works and explore the different levels behind what we see on the screen.

Week 2 // Theme & Variations

We learned how to count in binary and visualize base-2 counting with a little javascript animation.

Theme 1: Organization by Base 2 Counting 

64 Variations of a six-sided element, organized by Base 2 Counting


Theme 2: Organization by Visual Reflections

64 Variations of a six-sided element, organized by visual opposites

Week 1 // Dictionary Exercise

dictionary exercise