Transforming Future Cities Through Transportation

Service Design Concept   |  CCA MDes Graduate Project   |  2015

Pulse: A Hyperloop Experience

Elon Musk's proposed Hyperloop technology aims to revolutionize the way we travel. Moving at 700 mph, it could propel you from SF to LA in just 30 minutes.

"Pulse" is a Hyperloop service concept that presents the experience of mass transit in an alternative ideological system. It asks the question - how can we construct different societies through transport?

6 weeks

Lizzie Garrett, Amber Murray



Through user interviews, journey maps, and ecosystem maps, we sought to understand how people might think, feel, and act while using this new system and connect this new travel experience to the broader context.

Upon synthesizing our findings, an unexpected theme came to light that pointed to a traveler desire for a modern day transit system that had less of a negative impact on our environment.

Service Concept at a Glance

Service Concept at a Glance

After mapping out the ideal traveler experience, and prototyping several physical and digital touchpoints, we created a vision for an end-to-end traveler experience that prioritized the environment and the exchange of food and culture.

Key Features
- By day, Pulse transports people from city to city, encouraging an exchange of experiences and cultures.
- By night, Pulse transports food from farmlands along its journey, into major urban centers.
- Stations serve as cultural centers and food hubs, bringing people and food closer together.