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Bringing warmth and approachability to the Capital One Café web presence


Capital One  |  Research, Product Design, Strategy |  Nov '17 - June '18


We designed an online presence that reflects the company's mission to improve the financial health of communities and to change banking for good.


Team: Emileigh Barnes, Mariya Campwala, and Danielle Kenwood (design); Matt Horton (product);
Leanna Gong, Piotr Gregowski, and Han Li (development)



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Vision: Banking reimagined

Capital One radically shifted its brick and mortar strategy to reimagine the entire banking experience in a cafe environment in [2013]. Capital One Cafés were rolled out quickly over the past few years.

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Business need: Redesign the web experience

More and more cafés opened, but the website was only updated incrementally, as needs arose from different teams.


Opportunity: Design a digital experience that more closely reflects the in-person experience.


Goal - design a holistic digital experience that encourages people to visit

Reimagine the cafe website in a way that better aligns with our mission to support the financial health of our local communities and encourages more people to visit our expanding network of cafés, nationwide.


Outcome - a warm, friendly web experience that welcomes people into the world of Capital One's evolving physical spaces

The redesigned Cafe website includes three key pages:

  1. Home
  2. Events: Discover and sign up for events at a local café
  3. Money Coaching: Learn about a unique, new in-person coaching service offered at cafés



Project Overview

This is a description

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Phase 1: Framing the need

Financial resilience is lacking in the United States and it's leaving many of Capital One customers vulnerable. Low resilience can force people to use dangerous financial products and we see this among our customers.



Phase 2: Concept validation


Phase 3: Refining information architecture & content strategy



The Sprint Savings widget came out of a broader body of exploratory research around financial resilience

We got creative with research by doing MadLibs style street intercepts, interviewing Lyft & Uber drivers, and doing card sorts about unexpected expenses with our customers in the Capital One Cafe.

In conversations about being financially resilient, being able to save enough money was always top of mind.